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A brand new website, logo and a new beginning

After days and nights spent thinking, drawing, designing and puzzling, I finally managed to create something that reflects my work and my personality. After six years of activity it was necessary a small restyling that is accompanied by a photographic growth made of study and refinement. In these days I will add all the wedding galleries that represent my idea of ​​photography. I begin to walk in a new path in my professional life and my starting line were the beautiful words that the couples who chose me dedicated me. Sincere words that make me proud of what I do and how I do it. Their smiles and their feeling at ease are the signs of a road that will lead me to love this work more and more. Being skilled isn’t enough, sometimes passion is the needle of balance that distinguishes you from being a supplier of wedding photography service to being a friend for the couple who has chosen you.

The site and the blog will always be updated, so keep following me!


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